4. bis 8. Sept. MESSE Dornbirn im Kultur Cafe (T!VOLI) PAUL BATTO JR. & ONDRA KRIZ

"…impressed by your feel for blues and the light swinging grooves that go into these songs. Good blues by any standard - and I don't mean just for a European".

(Bruce Iglauer, Alligator Records - Chicago, IL)


"…his talent is huge!"

(Bobtje, www.bobtjeblues.com, Belgium)


"…he has mastered all the nuances of blues playing. His resonant voice and dynamic guitar playing should satisfy any true blues lover"

(Music Revue, Slovakia)


"…force to be reckoned with anywhere blues music is being played…"

(Richard Smerin, blues musician, UK)


"…the best we've ever had!"

(Michel Hofkens, Willem Tell Blues Club, Belgium)