Do. 23 .Mai 2013 - DOUG MacLEOD

Aside from being one of the finest guitar players in the business, MacLeod really connects with his audience. His sets are more than music. They are "homegrown lessons" in life and love. MacLeod is one of the finest songwriters, storytellers and performers in the blues. In a world intoxicated with electric-everything MacLeod is preserving a lost art... A must for any serious fan of the blues and any soul who needs the healing of the blues. - Sing Out.


Understanding the importance of restraint to the blues, he skirts the predictable with fresh imagery in lyrics and his music is barb-wire sharp. - Down Beat Magazine.


MacLeod identifies with the simplicity and honesty that characterized the country blues artists of the 30's and 40's... a wealth of blues feeling... compelling.

- Alex Henderson, - All Music Guide.


MacLeod is a talented instrumentalist and an impassioned singer, but what stands out is his well-turned lyrical phrases and intriguing musical nuances.

- Living Blues.